Tuesday, 30 May 2017

War of Kalinga


This is a story of love so selfless, so pure
A battle with enemies but each other’s cure

A love who knocked on his door when he was exiled from his own kingdom
a love that gave racism of rich and poor, some freedom
a love that was with him at any age of his life
a love that taught him what love feels like

The battle stuck between political, economical and egoistic issues
he was forced to decide between love or edicts, whom to choose

Meanwhile, she was just trying to be a part of her kingdom
a kingdom with no king but the conquest, against her own Adam
a kingdom with very less hopes but the courage
a kingdom with less army but a lot of warriors over the stage
a kingdom who was standing against a flood of ego and anger
a kingdom who was ready to face the upcoming danger

With every passing daggers, axe or sword
there occurred countless lesion, abrasion and wound
shields or swords were hardly protective
when love bows and ego becomes affective
Kalinga was losing faster than expectation
a place known for her beautiful creation

Killing warrior, releasing souls from captivity
He reached up to her, drinking every drop of insensitivity

And a sight of her was enough to melt his anger down
a sight of her was enough to make him forget the crown
a sight of her made him realize the beauty of world
a sight of her was enough to give warmth in season of cold

suddenly came a sword, splashing her blood on his face
the moment pause was enough
to make her heart rip into hundreds

His soldiers have conquered Kalinga by now
holding her body in his state
he was stunned in his own chao
that bloodshed described, now it was too late
more then 100,000 were killed
in his ego of war glory
but his soul was now broken, and thrilled
now he had nothing left apart from this winning story
haunting voices were snatching his inner peace now
"My husband, father and son are dead
what will i live for, and how?"
with sorrow, remorse and agony his brutal voice has now shed

"Ashoka, you still have a way to wash away your sins"
came a voice from the lady in his hand
Kaurwaki was alive, the lady of his dreams!!
His angel was still breathing on this evil land

Kaurwaki taught Ashoka how to be a warrior of hearts
Vowing for buddhism, he started living different paths
A journey where peace and harmony exists
A journey where soul meets
He vowed to never take a life again
King Ashoka's love, Kaurwaki showed him
The brightest light in the darkest hours of pain...