Friday, 17 February 2017

A tale of love!!

(At 10:00 PM)
Girl: I have some important stuff to do…I’ll talk to you tomorrow morning. Have a sleep. Good night.
Boy: Ok ammm…can you drop me a text before sleeping, I can reply if i would be awake.
Girl: No no, you don’t need to…I’ll be late so…just have a sleep.
Boy: Ok, then I’m sleeping. Good night.
Girl: Good night.

(At 1:38 AM)
Girl (over texts):shona?
            (1:39)      Hello?
            (1:44)      Asleep? L
            (2:00)      Missing you!!
            (2:39)      And here I’m…missing you!!
     Missing you like a lost part of my body
     Missing you like a ventricle of my circulatory system
     Missing you like sunrise in winter
     Missing you like emoticon in my texts
     Missing you like a rain drop in drought
     Missing you like oxygen in my blood
     Missing you with every tear initiating flood…

(At 3:00)
Boy:    Shona?
(3:02)  You awake?
(3:20)  I’m yours baby
I’m the shore and you are the sea that touches me now and again
I’m the necklace and you are the thread holding it
I’m a fish and you are the sea which is my world
I’m the smile and you are its beauty
I’m an eye and you are its depth
I’m a perfume and you are its aroma
I’m the tree and you are the root holding it
I’m the song and you are its lyrics
I’m the body and you are the blood in it
You are embedded in my mind and soul my love…and I’m yours, just yours!!

Morning 7:00 AM
Girl:   Shona, you should have given me a call if you woke up later
Boy:   You could have done that too…
For every tear you shed, there will be a face to cheer you up.
For every scar you bear, there will be a healer to fill that up.
For every wound you take, there will be a hand to stop the blood.
For every thorn that pinches you, there will be a rose to freshen you up.
For every time you stumble, there will be a shoulder to help you stand.
For every time you fumble, there will be lips to complete your words.
For every time your throat chokes, there will be a glass of water to clear you up.
For every time you get hurt, there will be a joke that will bring your smile up.
Anytime you are stuck, there will be a soul lending you the help.
For every time you get confused, there will be a soul to define you up.
For every time you get caught up in bad memories, there will be one to give you happy vibes.
For every time you get disappointed of yourself, there will be a voice motivating you up.
Life may be a big journey and many a times I will be the reason for your hiccups
But trust me darling I will stop, give you water and walk with you till you reach your destination.