Friday, 4 November 2016

A Women's Love

If a women decides to love you, she'll...unconditionally!!

“Hey, free??”
“No, actually I’m in office baby, can I call you once I’m free?”
“OK, I’ll be waiting”
After approx half an hour her cell rings…
“Yes, free now?”
“No, I’m still busy…I just called to inform you not to wait…I’ll be late today.”
“OK, I won’t.”
Later at night, the door bell rings, she walk towards the door…nobody was there.
She come back and call him.
He disconnects the call and calls her after a while
“hey…still busy?”
“yes, why are you awake till now?”
“I heard the door bell, either I was dreaming or someone is trying to scare me. Haha. But I’m actually scared can you come back faster?”
“Sorry baby I can’t”
“What’s the time?”
“11:45. Don’t worry, I remember its your birthday tomorrow. I’ll be there by morning.”
She disconnects the call and starts missing her family. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she called her mother…
“Hey mom”
“hey beta…all OK? Its too late.”
“mom, at least you should not forget…tomorrow is my birthday. I’m not able to bear this excitement.”
“hahaha…where is your darling hubby? He must be there with a cake by now.”
“yes mom, he’s here only, giving me awful looks since my birthday will be anytime and I chose you over him.”
“Awww…you should not do this to him, he’s your hubby now, and its your first birthday after marriage.”
Another tear rolled down her cheeks thinking of how much she has expected from him for this day.
“Hello, beta. You there???”
“yes, yes I’m here”
“you’re fine na?”
“yes mom, ammm…its 11:58 mother he is asking me to disconnect, so I’ll call you later…bye mom”
She disconnected before her mother could realize her tears and called him expecting a melodious birthday wish.
He didn’t respond any of her call.
It was 12:58 now, her eyes were now paining because of tears, still she wasn’t able to control.
In another half an hour, she gave him another two calls…but he didn’t pick any of them.
She opened one of their wedding photograph, and slept staring at it, making herself warm remembering those joyful moments they had.

*Morning 7:00 a.m.*
The door bell woke her up and she runs toward the door in excitement. It was her neighbor’s kid and her student who came to wish her before going to school with a greeting in his hand.
She greeted him and promised for the party that evening.
After another 10 min, the door bell ringed and it was him.
“Happy birthday darling” he said, hugging her with a bunch of orchids in his hands.
“thank you”
“You were waiting for me?”
“haha…you really think so? My cell was full of calls and I didn’t got a single moment to think of you. Still I made some calls just to inform you that my friends came over and we were partying like the last day of our lives. Buhhh…thank god you didn’t got time, else I wouldn’t have enjoyed that much.” She said in a really cheerful manner, enough to convince him. “And yes, don’t tell mumma please, she don’t like parties much, so I told her I was with you because the music was very loud. And yes, I’m tired, can we please have a sleep instead of partying again?”
“Thank god you said that, otherwise I would have died of guilt. And yes, I’m also tired, come lets have some sleep my pretty wife.”

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